Aerospace parts welding


LKN WeldAero is an industry leading aerospace welding company offering a comprehensive range of in-house welding and worldwide on site welding (repair) solutions on 450+ alloys.

Unique capabilities were developed to meet the most demanding welding requirements from aerospace maintenance companies and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) all over the world.

Example of welded parts

  • Engine parts (Inconel 718, hastelloy X/W stellite, cast aluminum)
  • Exhaust systems (SS347 / SS321)
  • Wing parts (aluminum/ titanium)
  • Canopy frames (Aluminium)
  • Latch door covers (17-4PH)
  • Pylon panels (Stainless)
  • Nose wheels (Aluminium)
  • Manifolds (Chromemolybdeen)
  • Turbine studs (17-4PH)
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