Qualified aerospace welding


Qualified aerospace welding is our specialty, and within this, there are no limits.
This means, in the last 15 years, LKN WeldAero has worked for almost every aerospace company arround the world, from Airbus to local aircraft maintance companies, from Boeing to government, from Spirit to Marine and Air force, and from GKN to Business Jet charters.

In order to back these companies up with qualified and certified welds, we have the ability to qualify and certify all alloys and grades in any welding position according to the necessary standards like AWSD17.1.

From the preparation and assembly of (preliminary) welding procedure specification (p)WPS, NDT reports and tests to obtain a PQR and/or WPQ.
Everything is according to, or based on, any specific code/ customer specification and can be obtained in a short period.

PT, macro, tensile and bendtests can be executed inhouse or will be independently tested bij a laboratory.

Performed welding can be provided with CoC and Form-1.

Qualified aerospace welding

  • AWSD17.1
  • CoC (certificate of conformity)
  • Form-1
  • Welding procedure from manual
  • Any alloy and grade
  • According any standard/ specific code
  • NDT in-house
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