Orbital Aerospace welding


LKN WeldAero is specialized in aerospace welding by hand but expanded its services to orbital welding with two advanced orbital welding machines, qualified operators and tooling for all tube diameters.

Aerospace orbital welding involves many variables. Extremely clean work, the correct preparations and specific required machine knowledge is necessary to obtain a good orbital aerospace weld.

Orbital welding usually occurs in large projects and mostly in combination with hand welding projects and is ideal for more standard work, work in large series or work where 100% reproducibility is absolutely necessary.

Of course we can also offer orbital titanium welding as a separate service, even on-site, worldwide.

Orbital welding

  • AWSD17.1 / EN ISO 14732
  • CoC (certificate of conformity)
  • Form-1
  • Qualified operators
  • Tooling for all tube diameters
  • Any alloy and grade
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