The McDonnell Douglas KDC-10 is the largest transport aircraft of the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

It can transport large amounts of cargo and personnel quickly and over long distances.

The KDC-10 also doubles as a flying refueling station. They can refuel not only their own F-16s and F-35s in the air, but also aircraft from other countries.

After extensive preparation and communication with the customer, we welded the newly placed studs on location.

Every part of an aircraft is checked very extensively, after checking it turned out that the current studs were no longer sufficient.

Replacing and welding the studs was the only option.


Scroll through 8 pictures from welding two new 17-4PH studs for after burner centerbody on the CF6-50 turbine engine of the KDC-10. 17-4PH qualified stud welding according AWSD17.1

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